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All our translators are STIBC-certified.

Special COVID-19 rates apply:

  • 20% discount on all medical & legal translations of any COVID-19-related material

Update on undefined translations during the COVID-19 situation: Read more

Our Languages

English – German – French – Spanish – Italian – Latin

Our Fields

Immigration Documents (IRCC)
Driver Licencing (ICBC)
(Update on ICBC translations during the COVID-19 crisis)
IT & Software Localization
Web Content & Marketing
Film & Entertainment
(incl. Subtitling & Film Script Translation)

We certify 3rd party translations if they meet our quality standards.


GERMAN standard documents for IRCC:
Certificates in Latin:
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All other documents and languages:E-mail us your document
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*Don’t forget to indicate the purpose of your translation to make use of our discounted rates.

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