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Localization  (shortform: “l10n”)

is the process of adapting a product or service (the term is commonly used for software) to a particular language, culture, and desired local “look and feel”.

Ideally, a product or service is developed so that localization is relatively easy to achieve – for example, by developing a software in which the text can easily be changed to another language and allowing some expansion room for this purpose. This enabling process is referred to as Internationalization (short form: “i18n”). An internationalized product or service is easier to localize.

Externalization helps you to develop applications that can be run on international platforms. By externalizing strings, the text can be translated for different countries and languages without rebuilding the program.

In localizing a product, in addition to idiomatic language translation, such details as time zones, money, national holidays, local color sensitivities, product or service names, gender roles, and geographic examples must all be considered, even a region’s cultural trends, history, political, social and economic situation.

We ensure that your localized product appears to have been developed within the local culture.

Our services include:

  • Localization Engineering (extraction, translation, re-engineering, integration of strings)
  • Internationalization
  • Cultural Consulting
  • Localization / Translation of Application Strings, Online Help, Documentation, Legal Material
  • Linguistic and Technical Quality Assurance (testing, bug logging & fixing)
  • Documentation / Technical Writing
  • DTP
  • Project Management

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