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German Documents for Immigration, Qualification Assessment and ICBC

Certified translation of standard documents for immigration purposes, driver licensing/BC Services Card (ICBC) and qualification evaluation

Other school and vocational training documents (such as transcripts, final examination certificates, etc.) vary largely, and prices are based on volumes.

(clearance certificate / police certificate)
$45Same day
(birth certificate)
$45Same day
(passport entries)
$45 minimumSame day
(marriage certificate)
$45Same day
(resident registration)
$45Same day
(proof of citizenship)
$45Same day
Translations for ICBC (completed ICBC form included)
(driver’s license)
$45Same day
(driving record/traffic register extract)
$45Same day
School/University Documents
(university entrance qualif. certificate)
$80-1201 day
(degree award document)
$45Same day
Degree Award Documents in Latin
Bachelor’s degree document
(National University of Ireland)
$551 day
Master’s degree document
(National University of Ireland)
$551 day

Please e-mail us scans of your documents, and we will get back to you with a quote.

You can pick up the translation in person or have it mailed to you.

Please note: If you do not pick up your documents in person and we do not see the original of your document, our certification statement will say that the source document was provided to us by email and that we have not seen the original. Please check with CIC or your immigration consultant if this is acceptable.  This may vary from case to case.

If you have been accepted to submit your documents electronically, we will be happy to email you certified soft copies in secured PDF format.

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