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Intercultural Skills Training

Do you know how to hold a convincing presentation in front of Germans?

How do you prepare for a meeting with your Japanese or French partners?

Are you sure you are fit for global communication?

Never before have intercultural and interpersonal skills been as vital as today! Understanding the subtleties of another culture is as crucial as being able to speak a common language, if not more so.

Learn why so many joint-ventures fail just because of underestimated or unknown cultural differences. We will show you how to avoid cultural misunderstandings and faux-pas and how to set the course for your business success by elegant socializing and more flexibility.

You tell us your needs, and our experienced trainers will bring their knowledge and expertise to you. Improve your business relationships and give your staff confidence to beat the competition.

Our  interactive seminars are tailored to your specific needs and are held right on your premises, whenever convenient for you, even on weekends.

For further information and a custom quote please contact us.


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