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Subtitling and Translating Film Scripts

2.5-hr. workshop
Online workshops will be held starting in March 2021 – please check back or call for more details
Cost: $120
Get your earlybird discount and pay only $90 + GST

An introduction to subtitling and translating scripts for the film industry. In our globalized world, film subtitling, dubbing and script translation is an increasing industry with growing opportunities, especially in a city like Vancouver. A great chance to combine translation and linguistic skills with creativity and entertainment.

Topics covered:

– What is subtitling
– Common subtitling tools
– Spotting: creating time codes and subtitles based on an original film script
– Translating subtitles: general rules, industry standards, studio-specific guidelines
– Hands-on examples (incl. subtitling software)
– Subtitling market and potential clients



Intercultural Awareness

An introduction to intercultural awareness, to provide help on how to avoid cultural misunderstandings and faux-pas and how to set the course for your success by elegant socializing and more flexibility in a globalized world.

Translation and the Internet

An introduction of how the Internet has changed the translation industry. The Internet has had a tremendous impact on the industry, in negative and positive ways. And it is still shaping it continuously. Learn what a translator must know about the Internet, how to use it efficiently, and the do’s and don’ts to be successful in a globalized world. Individual aspects: Machine translation; Competition; Rates; Turnaround; Quality; Communication.

Working with CAT Tools

An introduction to computer-assisted translation and localization tools for translators, such as SDL Trados, SDL Studio, Alchemy Catalyst, and other common tools).

SDL Trados for Advanced Users

For SDL Trados users with upper intermediate knowledge of the tool. This workshops will take you into more detail and is designed to show you how to use SDL Trados more efficiently.


Presenters of above workshops are members of the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia (STIBC), ATA (the American Translators’  Association) and/or experienced subtitlers and coaches.

Please check back for updates or send us a message to find out more, register or stay informed on upcoming events:


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