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Subtitling Dubbing Voice-Over

ICTAC provides subtitling, dubbing and voice-over services in almost any language, at fair and clearly structured rates.

Subtitling / Closed Captioning

Whether from scratch, off your script/transcription, spotting list or English subtitles / closed captions, we create subtitles or closed captions in any language you desire.

  • Transcription
  • Script translation / Closed captioning
  • Spotting / Time coding
  • Subtitle translation
  • Conversion of scripts and transcriptions into subtitles


If you wish to have your movie dubbed to another language, we will take care of everything you need:

  • Transcription
  • Time-coding
  • Translation
  • Voice-over


We have the facilities and talents to do the voice-over for you, in almost any language.


  • Script conversion
  • Translation if required
  • Voice-over
  • Sound engineering


For a quote, please contact us. We’ll get back to you in no time.

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